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Waxing Hair Removal for Legs Waxing is the process of removing unwanted hair from the face, arms and legs. Benefits : Waxing removes unwanted hair. It makes skin smoother. Re-growth of hair is decreased because hair is removed from its root which means you only need to wax every 6-8 weeks. For Booking Please Call Us - 9842892800 / 0422 4341777
Perfect Bleaching for Oily and Dark skin Bleaching is a process of changing hair colour to the skin colour, there are different types of bleaches available such as powder bleach which is good for oily and dark skin. Benefits : It reduces the marks on the face, the black hair on the face especially on upper lips will disappear. For Booking Please Call Us - 9842892800 / 0422 4341777
Face Clean Up Process in Spa Cleansing is important to first get the surface dirt and impurities away to prep your skin for the deep cleansing experience. Cleansing with the face wash creates the perfect base for a clean up. Please Call Us - 9842892800 / 0422 4341777