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Manicure Treatment in Spa Manicure is the art of cleaning and dressing the hands and fingers, well groomed hands and well shaped nails give the impression of neatness and loveliness. Make an appointment : Please Call Us - 9842892800 / 0422 4341777
Pedicure and Manicure Service in Beauty Studio Under Pedicure and Manicure service, includes shaping and filling of nails & feet, removing dead skin and many more. Excellent for eliminating tiredness from feet as well as hands, the rendered service reduces stress, improves blood circulation and provides glow & soft skin.
Manicure n Hair setting done
Hair Style & Hair Color in Coimbatore Feeling fabulous with a New ‪Hair Style‬, Hair Color, Massage, Facial or Manicure is an essential part of our life. It all begins at our Sanu'z Beauty Studio. Booking Please Call Us - 9842892800 / 0422 4341777
Regular Massage in Beauty Parlour We have latest trends and styles in Hair, Skin and exotic Spa Treatments. Sanu'z Beauty Parlour has unique style and edge that showers you with personalized attention. Sanu'z Beauty Parlour provides the services such as waxing, threading, manicure and pedicure to exotic facials. We are outstanding in the quality of services. Please Call Us - 9842892800 / 0422 4341777