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Acne Facials in Beauty Parlour A treatment for those who suffer with troubled skin; particularly effective on teenage and adult acne. After cleansing this treatment begins with enzyme or glycolic acid exfoliation and a warm vapor mist, followed by extensive manual deep pore extractions, electric disencrustation and a skin-calming, anti-bacterial masque. This facial should be performed at regular, two-week intervals until problem clears. For Booking Please Call Us - 9842892800 / 0422 4341777
AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Facials in Parlour AHA acids, which are derived from fruits and flowers, are known for their anti-aging effects. These facials use creams formulated with AHAs, which help the skin look smoother and healthier. They are also recommended for people who have pigmented skin, and are prone to wrinkling easily. For Booking Please Call Us - 9842892800 / 0422 4341777
Bio Lift Facials in Spa In addition to cleansing, massage and rejuvenation techniques, these facials include treatment that targets dark circles under the eye. The characteristic of this facial is the bio-mask, which tones and tightens the skin on the face, making it look younger. For Booking Please Call Us - 9842892800 / 0422 4341777
Pimples Treatment in Beauty Parlour Acne is a very common inflammatory eruption, identified by pimples on face, chest and back. Our body secrets oils, the excessive oils results in clogging of the facial pores. These blocked pores when get exposed to the pollution in the environment, form black heads in the skin. If these black heads are not taken care of, they get infected by bacteria resulting in formation of Acne. Make an appointment : Please Call Us - 9842892800 / 0422 4341777
Herbal Facials Herbal facial is recommended for all type of skin types specially for people who have dry and cracking skin. It helps in deep cleansing and toning of muscles, it makes complexion soft and radiant. Herbal facial is very effective and safe for any type of skin texture. For Booking Please Call Us - 9842892800 / 0422 4341777